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organicvoodoo asked: For some reason my tumblr only let me read like the first three words of that note :( Could you perhaps repeat it on this ask or something?


Of course. I was noting that Keith Ellison is the only Muslim in congress (I believe, I may be wrong) which is one of 535 members in one third of the central government. Total takeover.

And then I also commented on his use of commas….

Oops. I meant to answer that privately.

Hahahah THANK YOU SO MUCH. And yea, his comma use is out of control.

Anonymous asked: And now they ask, Why the fuck you hate us? ALSO us latins are threated like SHIT by this fucking wankers.

I’m sorry, this wasn’t very clear to me. Are you referring to this racist butthole threatening people who are latin, or people who practice islam in government? just clarifying D:

This is seriously the most intolerant shit I have ever seen in my fucking life and I have no idea what to say because I want to make a perfect comment that will make him realize he’s being a horrible person. SOMEONE GIVE ME GOOD IDEAS SO I CAN SAY SOMETHING INTELLIGENT.

Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams in The Addams Family (1993)


Photographer: Nicholas JavedMakeup: Ada PawlowiczModel: Kornelia Basicz